November 6, 2017

Little Miss Ava


A day in Amersham with this little beauty

I had the pleasure this week of getting to know little Ava out in Amersham. A sleepy little village outside of London,  Ava is a very spunky little four year old with the smarts and personality of someone much older.  Sure, she may be little, but that doesn’t stop her from doing and getting what she wants!  She has an older brother and sister, but she is definitely the one in charge in that house.

This past week we went for a walk out in Amersham near her home and were able to visit a neighboring farm to take her photos during the golden hour.    She had just gotten home from her first day of reception and was really excited to tell me all about her new school and her new best friend – even if she couldn’t remember her name!  She loved giving me all kinds of over exaggerated modeling poses, which I couldn’t help but laugh at.  Are all little girls that dramatic?  I am a mom of boys, and a sister of three brothers. I never had the experience of living with a little girl.  Even with all of the “Top Model”  poses and kissy faces, the camera plain and simply loved her.

The holiday season is upon us!

The month of November is usually a busy one for everyone, especially for photographers. Holidays are coming up, families are coming to town, there’s food to be made and cleaning to be done! Don’t forget this is the best time of year to update the family photos on your walls. The leaves are quickly falling off of the trees, so if you want those beautiful reds and yellows as your backdrop, now is the time.  Did you know by the end of the month here in England, the sun will have set by 3:55 in the afternoon?  It’s so strange to me. I am not ready to wrap my head around it being dark so early.  I am looking forward to winter though!

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