Become the photographer you've always wanted to be

with Meredith hodge

Tired of endless YouTube Videos That Don’t Really Explain What You Need?

Learning photography can be confusing.  

My course cuts through all the noise and gets down to the point.

I spent years teaching myself how to use my camera. As a self taught photographer with possibly thousands of hours of YouTube under my belt, I knew there had to be a better way. You see, I am not only a creative. I’m super analytical. I need to know how everything ties together in order to work. Once it all clicked for me, I knew I wanted to make it easier for other people out there. I took what I learned, took out the fluff, and created my Beginners Photography Course. 

We will spend roughly one to two hours playing with your camera, with guidance on how to adjust your settings. I lead you to pull the information back out and walk me through what steps to take in order to get your desired results!! We all know that if I give you the information, you may still walk away confused, but if you are able to tell me how to do it - you won’t forget it when you leave!

03. We walk through it together

We will take your camera out of automatic mode and start walking you through how to use your camera to its full potential. You will walk away feeling confident with the information, and how to use it!

02. We tie it all up

First, I will teach you about your camera, what the different settings are and how to adjust them. Most importantly, I explain how they all work together. In this part of the course I explain the fundamentals of photography using the Exposure Triangle and how to implement it with your camera.

01. We go over the basics

here's how it works

what past clients had to say:

“It was such a great one-on-one class! Meredith showed me how to use my camera properly, provided a model for me to challenge what we learned, and gave me tips on how to improve. I couldn't have imagined a better class that gave me the fundamentals as well as applicable concepts needed to properly use my camera. Instead of it collecting dust on my shelf, it's now a usable tool. I HIGHLY recommend Meredith!”
T.R. Norfolk

What do you get?

A 3 hour photography course 
2 hour classroom portion on your camera, how to use it and the fundamentals of photography
2 hour photography hands on practice session with Meredith
DSLR Cheat Sheet and Homework Takeaways 
Post course refresher information 

The Investment:

Individual 1-on-1 Course - $300
online course $99

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Is this course right for you?

This course is designed for anyone with a DSLR camera.  It's designed for moms (or dads!) looking to get better pictures of their kids.  It;s perfect for anyone with a camera who wants to learn how to get off of automatic mode. If you've spent any time on YouTube trying to find the right video explaining how your camera works, The Beginners Photography Course is the right fit for you. In either a private one on one or a small group setting, I will take the time to make sure you understand how to make it work.

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