October 30, 2017

Tips for taking pictures – with your phone!

Tips for Taking Pictures With Your Phone

After a debacle with some unnamed gentleman (I love my husband too much to out him) taking a group photo recently, I decided to try and pull some tips together for people who want to take better pictures with their phones! I am a selfie queen, I can almost always get everyone into one shot. However, I wanted to give you something better than “angle the phone up high and angle it to get everyone in”, so I got in touch with my dear friend Nicky Maxey of Maxey Images and asked her what she would tell someone looking to get better phone pictures. Nicky takes incredible pictures with her phone, and had some great tips to share with you.

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Nicky tells us:

The first thing I would tell someone would be to just snap away, if you like what you see, then take a picture. Just like with any camera, if you don’t take it you won’t ever know how it could turn out.

Don’t over do the zoom – the camera on your phone doesn’t zoom too well. Your photos will come out pixelated and won’t look right. Get closer if you can, or just take it wide. The quality will be much better.

Find a good editing App and find your own style with it. Play around with your photo. Adjust the brightness or the vibrance. Try the radial filters or go black and white! Most good App’s will still leave you with the original photo, so even if you hate your edit you can have another go!

If you want to turn your life of taking pictures into a small business then become active on social media. Instagram is brilliant for photography, follow the big Hubs, hashtags are important, more people will see your work. If you # a big Hub like @explore_britain , @photosofbritain etc if they like your work they can re-feature your work and you will get more followers, put a link to a Facebook page, a Facebook page for your photos. There are quite a few hubs that arrange Instagram meets check out @igersbristol @igersbath @igersoxford, they arrange meet ups for people to get together and take photos, normally with a lunch somewhere lovely. A chance to make new friends and explore new areas. Ive made some really good friends through Instagram.

The most important thing is take the photo….. don’t miss the world around you!

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