July 16, 2020

What Do Photographers Do During Quarantine

As a photographer, this whole quarantine business is seriously cramping my creative outlet. I have been doing everything I can to keep myself busy.  Talking to a friend, I told her how busy I have been.  She asked me, “so, what do photographers do during quarantine?”  Are they allowed to still work if they stay 6 feet away from their clients?

We paint our houses.  I started off the quarantine by painting 4  rooms in my house.  I probably could have done other stuff, but…

We teach our children.  At least we try teaching our children!  Those kids are not easy and I am NOT a high school teacher!!

Catch up on admin work (YUCK).

We clean up our Instagram – I use Later, some people use Planoly or Tailwind.  They are all great apps if you need to play yours in advance. I am going to clean it all up again believe it or not.  I don’t even use Instagram that much, I’m pretty awful at it. ??‍♀️

We host accountability sessions and plan our calendars for the remainder of the year.  That is, if there is going to be a rest of the year at this point…

We write blogs.  Or talk about blogs we would write…Then we consider actually writing those blogs, and then end up procrastinating…again.

I photograph my own children (Crazy, right?).  Or at least I try.  They don’t always let me! ? So I end up taking pictures of the dogs…

We send emails to clients and potential clients

If you are like me, you consider doing xyzzy, then don’t. I don’t know about other photographers in quarantine, but I am a pretty good procrastinator.

We watch or listen to video trainings while mindlessly scrolling through Facebook/Instagram

We post things to Pinterest

Photographers are not essential personnel and most of us have our own families to take care of.  For our family, my husband was gone for most of the quarantine. I couldn’t afford to get sick.  It was scary thinking that if I got sick, I wouldn’t be able to take care of my kids.  I love photographing people and I cannot wait to get back out to see my families out there.

Now that we are  slowly moving out of quarantine, I have started taking on a limited amount of clients.  I am really happy to be back out in the world with people again.  However, I am still   This whole COVID-19 doesn’t seem to want to go away any time soon.


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