October 21, 2017


Change.  It’s the one thing that always stays the same.

I am so singing that song in my head while writing this.  Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes… So many things have been happening lately. I have been making plans for a lot of changes in my life as well as my business. With the help of my mentor Nina, I have made the decision to rebrand my business and relaunch it under my own name. I did love having Hodgepodge as the name of my business, I thought it was cute and quirky, like me! However, I found that people who did not know my name, do not understand the connection between me and my brand. For those of you that still don’t, my last name is Hodge ;).

My first big announcement is the launch of my new Introduction to Photography course! This course is going to be great for moms and dads with a camera that want to learn more about how it works. I know when I got my first real camera (and second, and third) I kept telling myself I was going to figure out what all of those settings on the dial were for. It took me a lot of research on my own and some help from a good friend, to really begin figure out what I was doing.  The course is in the works and should be ready to move into a permanent residence with Meredith Hodge Photography in the next few weeks! What I would ideally like to accomplish with this would be to help others develop their love for their camera and really see how it can work for them!

My next big change is still a secret and will be a Christmas announcement.  Most photographers I know are all ready doing their Christmas sessions. I have been busy with the rebranding and the relaunching of the website. All the while taking care of my clients, and traveling with my family! Even now as I am posting this, I am in Bosnia, visiting with friends.

I am really excited for all of the change and the direction for the business. I literally cannot wait to get all of my ideas out to you!

Light and love!

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