August 1, 2020

I Haven’t Always Been A Photographer

I haven’t always been a photographer.  FALSE.  I have always been a photographer.  Just not a professional.  

I’ve always been the one with a camera.  Whether it was a tiny little digital or a disposable film camera, I always wanted to take pictures of whatever adventure I was on!

My interest in photography stems from back when my hs tutor, Allison took me out and showed me how to take long exposure photos. I had no idea what I was doing and I probably spent too much money developing photos that came back from the lab as an entire file of “black pictures” (facepalm).

It was at this time my interest in learning how to use my was piqued, but I didn’t want to be. photographer.  I just wanted to learn. I stared off by taking a photography course in college.  It was there that my dad bought me my first SLR I loved learning to use the camera and develop film in the darkroom – mixing the chemicals, developing the film, it was totally my thing.  However, I was not a huge fan of being in the classroom (or tests for that matter) and I put it on the back burner.

 Canon Eos rebel GKodak Eastman film cameras Brownie target six-16

Enter the disposable camera. I don’t know if you remember these, but they broughtso much convenience to taking pictures. You could walk right into 7-11 and buy a camera for $11.99, go out for a day, take a roll of pictures and drop it off practically anywhere for it to be developed!  There were photo labs in grocery stores, convenience stores, big box stores…literally anywhere!  They were super convenient at the time and took the guess work out of choosing what number film to get.

Kodak disposable camera

Moving forward a few more years, digital cameras started making their way into the world. It has become quite the revolution!  To be able to see your pictures on the back of the camera, right there! It completely changed the photography industry.  They didn’t have the best resolution, and SD cards only held 8G of photos – but you put them on a CD and I still have some of those CDs today!

Then come the camera phones…boy. There is too much to cover in the camera phone age.   Nowadays they are great. However, they were not so great when they first came out.  People (including myself) were in love with them!!  The resolution was terrible.  REALLY TERRIBLE!  If you are a young person, you wouldn’t believe it.  I will end up sounding like one of those “back in my day” people we used to make fun of as a kid! (If I don’t already!! ) So Im going to time warp to 2010.


Hello Moto Motorola razr cell phone

Josh, knowing how much I enjoy being behind the camera, gave me a new digital camera for Christmas.  Once again, the excitement over an awesome picture came rushing back to me. I would say to myself (several times over) that I was going to learn how to use it.  What all those letters on the little knob are and what not…it has certainly been a journey! I would spend the next 5 years learning, taking pictures of friends, and lots of trial and error. Without even knowing it I became a photographer.Consequently, my hobby crashes with my desire to go back to work.  Being a stay at home mom is amazing, but I wanted more. From here, the idea of Meredith Hodge Photography is born. It would be some time before I would actually start working.  Still, the idea starts to grow.

Here I am some 5 years into business and I know in my soul how much more I have to give. While my business grows my driving factor hasn’t changed. As a mom, I want to take pictures of every smile, every milestone or event, and even just little moments.  I hold these moments so close to my heart.  When I go through my old pictures of my kids, I realize they are what drives me.  It is because of them that I do what I do. While I am the mom taking all the pictures, I am also the mom never in the pictures because I am the mom behind the camera.  Just like most moms out there.  Probably just like you.  


Are you tired telling yourself you are going to learn how to use that camera of yours?  ? I can help!

Enroll in my beginners photography course!

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