November 28, 2018

Extended Family Portraits in Chesapeake – The Brown Family

Extended Family Portraits in Chesapeake

I feel so privileged in my line of work.  Every family i have to pleasure of meeting and working with is completely different.   I have to say that I love what I do.   A few weeks back I got to meet the Brown family.  This family is really special to me,  we have Amber, and Travis, their beautiful boys Grady and Garrett, and Bailey the superpup, we also had Travis’ parents Donna & Mike join in on the session. I had quite a bit of fun watching them interact.  It’s evident that Grady & Garrett are surrounded with a lot of love. Grady is so sweet…he even helped me take pictures of his mom & dad.  Garret is an angel and his eyes just melt your heart! However, I will say that the award has got to go that gorgeous pup Bailey.  I don’t know that I have seen such a well behaved dog.  He  was so patient throughout the morning,  especially when being ridden like a horse by both boys!  I think he even enjoyed it.

Extended Family Portraits - The Brown Family, Chesapeake VA

Planning the Session

I always talk with my clients about the purpose of a shoot — are these for holiday pictures or to celebrate a special moment (maternity, engagement, etc.)?   Or are you looking  just to capture the beauty of this stage of your children’s life before it passes?  Knowing that Amber & Travis were looking for extended family portraits with Travis’ parents that would double as holiday photos allowed me to be intentional in arranging groupings, choosing the specific backdrop, and composing the images.  I like to plan ahead – to understand what your needs are, and how you want your images to looks.  The perfect location will make all the difference!

Great Bridge Lock Park is always a favorite

Amber and I decided on a morning shoot  out at Great Bridge Lock Park in Chesapeake. It’s always exciting to find a good location for outdoor portraits that’s right in everyone’s backyard! There is a footbridge that walks out to an overlook of the marsh that provided a unique backdrop, and we walked through the woods to add some variety. Both boys had tons of fun with sticks, rocks, and all the other good things that come with a fall photo shoot.  

Extended Family Portraits - Chesapeake VA

Interestingly enough, having grandparents join in for extended family portraits is so enlightening to me.  It’s like looking through a window to see how parenting transcends from generation to generation. Now, I honestly believe that parenting is a learned experience. No one really knows how to parent when they have their first child. Everything you do as a parent comes naturally from what you experience in your own childhood. When I went through the images of their session it was clear that Mike and Donna are so proud of their family.

Interested in booking extended family portraits?  Or looking to send updated pictures to the Grandparents?

Extended Family Portraits -Chesapeake photographer, Great Bridge Lock Park

The sweetest moments are the ones that happen naturally.

Have I mentioned how much I love fall shoots? I typically focus my sessions when the sun is low in the sky.  Whether that is early in the morning or later in the day,  fall gives us a lot of the benefits of natural lighting without needing to keep small kids awake until 9pm. We do still have a bit of autumn foliage around, but my slots are filling up quickly! Check out my availability here!

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