July 12, 2018

Hello Chesapeake!

Hi there!  Thank you so much for your interest in my project!   My name is Meredith and I am a family photographer new to the Chesapeake area.  I love working outdoors and using the colors of nature as the setting for creating stunning natural light images.

We have just relocated from London but I am no stranger to Virginia.  I grew up in Northern Virginia, and spent the majority of my life here.  I am really looking forward to getting to know the Chesapeake area and all it has to offer.
This is where you come in! 


I am opening up 5 slots for a personal project I am calling “Getting to know Chesapeake”. Throughout the month of August I really want to dig in and get to know as much of the area as I can!  I am in search of 5 families that enjoy the outdoors as much as I do, that are willing to spend a little time to share their favorite family place with me.   As a thank you, I will give your family 5 digital images that you can use however you would like!


Now of course you have probably thought “what’s the catch?”  Well, there are always terms and conditions but I promise, they are not completely outrageous.

  • Families will be chosen at photographers discretion.  A total of 5 families will be chosen for this personal project.
  • Families should live within a 5 mile radius of Chesapeake.  However, favorite locations are not subject to the radius.
  • A maximum of 5 digital images will be gifted to the chosen families.  If additional images are provided, they will be available for purchase.
  • Families must give their consent to have images posted on Meredith Hodge Photography, LLc. website and any/all social media accounts
  • Professional photographers or those desiring to become professional photographers in the Chesapeake area are not eligible.
  • Other terms and conditions provided here.


About Meredith Hodge

I’m a happily married Navy wife as well as the mother of 2 incredible boys.  I play tennis, sing karaoke and feel like I have been blessed with an amazing life.  Photography speaks to me, and I have always been the one who brings their camera along to take pictures.  I started my photography journey while I was in college, where I loved to develop my own film to see how an image would turn out.  Years later, while living in Florida my husband came home with a really nice camera.  I enjoyed playing around with it and figuring it out but put it in storage when we moved to London thinking we would only be there for a year.  Three months in and I couldn’t stand it! I needed to have my camera back in my hands and so I bought one, and I never looked back.

Recently, I have been offering beginners courses teaching momtographers like me how to use their cameras.  I have been published in local magazines, and have been truly honored to have several of my landscape images in Vogue!  If you have more interest in my beginners course click here!

To nominate your family, fill out your information below! (This has now closed). Sign up below for future offers! 


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