April 9, 2018

Get to Know My Family – Liam

Get to Know My Family – Liam



My Little Liam is no Longer My Little Guy

Kids grow faster than we like to admit. Ive always said that parenting is reliving your childhood through your parents eyes. I have watched this boy discover the world around him in awe. Liam has done and experienced more cultures and countries than most will in a lifetime. He is gentle and kind, heartfelt and warm. This gorgeous boy has always had an infectious personality with a loving heart. He looks out for the little guy and stands up for what he believes in. He has more courage than he knows. I am sure he has more courage than I think I have ever had. While he is becoming a young man more and more every day, I still look at him like he is my little best friend, flying kites, riding bikes and watching our favorite Disney movies all curled up on the couch.

Enjoy your children. Be grateful that you are the one that gets to watch them grow from little tiny babies to little people. Take pictures of them and get those pictures printed out. Hang them on your walls and stop to look at them once in a while. Your photographs are the window to your past.  Our kids are the best parts of our family.  In fact, they are the reason we get to call ourselves a family.

I love my family just as much as you love yours.  It is so important to me to have memories of my family around my home.  Just the same, I want you to have photos of your family and your children hanging in yours. I want them to do the same to you as the do for us, to evoke the memories of their younger days. I want you to remember them as they were. So have a look at the website. If you like what you see, get in touch! Let’s make some beautiful images together! X

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