September 14, 2020

Maternity Photos in Norfolk, Virginia

Maternity Photos in Norfolk, Virginia

My phone rang early that morning.   Thinking it was a call from my nieces, as the number came from the same area code.   I was surprised when the voice on the other end was Jack, asking about maternity photos in Norfolk. Now, to be fair, he was actually calling for his wife. You see, Jack was planning on doing them himself, but couldn’t find his camera.  He dabbles in photography a bit.  More videography than photos, and he would like to have some family photos done as well.  Maybe a few with him in his uniform too.  However, that can be hard when you are the one taking the pictures to begin with.  We chat for a while about the sessions and what they would like to see in the end. Then, he asks if I was available for the afternoon.  Thankfully, our calendar is pretty open these days and we worked out the details for a session later that evening.

We are still pretty cautious when it comes COVID. In fact, I have only taken on a very small number of clients because of the Coronavirus. Even with social distancing, our family is very careful about how often we expose ourselves to people not within our small quaranteam. 

Sometimes last minute sessions end up with me pushing myself harder for a client than one I have spent weeks planning for. 

Little girl in sailor dress hugging daddys leg at maternity photo session Norfolk VA
It was one of those hot July days, with no end in sight.  We initially agree to meet around 4, hoping that we might get a little relief in the afternoon. However, looking at the forecast the heat had no plans of going away.  Inevitably, we were able to move our start time to 7, and I am so glad we did! I grabbed my lighting technician (aka, my husband?) and we made our way up to Norfolk.  

The USS Wisconsin

Josh and I met Jack and Fabys in front of the USS Wisconsin. Her permanent home is at NAUTICUS where she serves as a museum ship after a long history of active duty.  Learn more about the battleship here!
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Now, I have to tell you, Fabys is stunning.  Like, she looks like she walked off a movie set type beautiful. She came wearing a gorgeous maternity gown provided by Mom & Me Boutique in Virginia Beach.  How she found not just one, but TWO gorgeous gowns in a few hours time is beyond me!  As we walked around the bow of the ship, we stumbled upon the Pagoda Gardens.  I have wanted to see this place since moving here two summers ago and boy was I happy to have finally found it.
My favorite though, and while the dresses from Mom and Me jaw dropping DIVINE, is Emma. Emma came the sweetest navy sailor dress! Combine that with her bubbly little character, and of course we became instant friends! I could have played with her all night!   She even got some amazing photos with Fabys camera phone!  In the end when we were all packing up and getting ready to go, she just wasn’t ready.  She wanted to come back to my house to play some more.  I kinda wish she could have ?.  She was such a fun little and I think she is going to make a great big sister.
I cannot wait to meet their sweet new addition.  Congratulations to all of you!

Check out the photos!

The Places and Things


The USS Wisconsin 

The Pagoda Garden

If you’re looking to rent fabulous maternity dresses for your session, I highly recommend the Mom and Me Boutique in Virginia Beach! (inserting a not-so-shameless plug) Additionally,  If you’re looking for someone to take your maternity photos, and you live in the Norfolk Virginia area, give me a call!

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