December 3, 2017

The Haag Family – Outdoor Family Portraits

Outdoor Family Session and Christmas Pictures

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The Haag Family

I’ve been chatting with Kerra about updating her family photo for a while now, and we were finally able to link up schedules.   We recently met up at Oxhey Woods in Northwood for a quick run around the park. Being that they are from the Seattle area, they are big fans of the Seattle Seahawks.  Kerra and Alex had such a fun idea, having photographs of their family in their  favorite team’s gear.  I was really excited to see them all decked out.  When I saw them I thought “that is a great way to coordinate family outfits” – provided you all support the same team!  It’s not something my family can get away with. My husband a Dallas Cowboys fan while my boys and I are NY Giants fans (The kids know what’s good for them). I would never let Josh wear that awful jersey in our family photo, LOL!

Since it is the end of November, the temperatures are dropping fairly quickly and today was no exception. It was extremely cold out, and the girls were really feeling it.  Especially Iris.  Her nose was red and her little fingers were like icicles! Our walk was not as long as we wanted it to be, however, we did manage to get some really lovely group portraits.    When we made it back to the beginning of the park, they came back to mine for some Christmas photos of the girls in the studio.  I do like working in the studio, but I love working outdoors. I love the special interaction of a family when they can run around and play in a more natural setting.

Some Studio Christmas Portraits

Studio Christmas Portrait

Adele and Iris loved being in the studio.  They felt like they were little models and I really saw their personalities open up once we were indoors.  Their dresses made them look like little princesses.  While Freya wasn’t as interested, Adele and Iris were posing and looking at the camera like they knew what they were doing.  Every little girl I have ever met loves to dress up like a princess.    I love how happy it makes them, and I love capturing that moment for them.   I wholeheartedly enjoy making those dreams come true.  Even if they are only a princess for the day, that photograph will make the memory last them a lifetime.

Family Christmas portrait - studio - princess

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