May 1, 2019

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2019


10 Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Moms in the Hampton Roads Area

Mother’s Day is right around the corner!  I have put together some fantastic Mother’s Day gift ideas for those last minute shoppers.  We’ve polled a lot of mom’s about what they think would be their idea of the perfect gift, taking the hard work out of it for you! Here are the top ten things that Moms in Chesapeake have requested as Mother’s Day Gifts in 2019.

#10  Time with My Kids

I work evenings and weekends, and I just want some quality one on one time with my kids. I want a day where I can spend with each one doing their favorite thing. It’s hard to feel involved in their lives as a mom working the hours I do.  With my work schedule, I miss them, and they miss me!

#9 An Instapot and a Case of Wine ?

Insta-pots are all the rage now.  I love a good kitchen gadget, but I am admittedly always behind the curve when it comes to the new “it” thing. However, I have bought into the hype and have gotten an Instapot for my family.  Uhhh, can I say that this gadget has CHANGED THE WAY I DO DINNER!  If your family doesn’t have one, it would be a great gift.  Especially if the mom in your life wants to cut back on all of the residual tasks that come from making dinners! (Like the dishes…)

Now for the wine, that should be self-explanatory!

#8 A Gift Card to a DIY Workshop

A big hit these days is the do it yourself workshops.  We have several in the area that are so much fun to go to.  You can make homemade wooden signs, or trays, wreaths, bags, you name it!  We have one here in Chesapeake, and another in Norfolk that I highly recommend!  Plus gift cards are easy for those of you who seem to like to wait until the last minute to buy a gift!  ???


#7 A Professional Organizer or a Deep House Clean

Firstly, I’m not saying you need to hire Marie Kondo to organize your entire life.  However, most mom’s will agree that when her house is a disaster she has less time to spend with her kids and her family because she feels like she has to get things cleaned up.  Mom’s are busy people!  We have jobs and chores, and the laundry needs to be done, as well as the dishes.  Oh, man! I forgot to take food out of the freezer for dinner tonight! (thankfully I have my new Instapot! ?) That all being said, most mom’s constantly feel like they are running just to keep up with life.  Personally, it can be difficult for me to sit down to play a game with the kids when I know I have a list of things that need to get done.

Get mom the gift of a professional organizer to come help sort out your home, or buy her the gift of having someone come do a deep clean of the house ever other week.  It will be a GAME CHANGER for your home.

Less clutter = less chaos = less stress = more time with my family. ?


#6 Memberships

Ok – I am NOT TELLING YOU to go and buy your wife a gym membership.  Whatever you do – DO NOT DO THAT unless specifically requested! ??. Maybe she would like a membership to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens, or a membership to a Wine/Coffee/Beer of the month club.  The possibilities are endless, and you will keep mom smiling all year long.

#5 ME!  (Just kidding…but seriously)

Now I am going to go right ahead with a shameless plug here. PHOTOGRAPHS PEOPLE!!! Hire me to take new family pictures to give to your mom!  Ten years from now she will look at them still hanging up on the walls and be grateful for the lining memories of her family as well as your lives together! I’m also giving a free print for those who book their session before Mother’s Day

Check Availability

Did I mention I also teach a Beginners Photography Course??


#4 Plants *(So much better than flowers)

Megan says  “I love working in my yard and receiving a variety of plants that my kids and spouse picked out is super sweet. Then as I plant and tend the plants for years to come I get to remember who picked it out for me and additionally my kids have the fun memory of watching something grow they gave to me. Bonus points for a cute handmade sign or stone to put by the plant commemorating the year it was given.”


#3 A Night Alone in a Hotel

Hey, I don’t judge.  In fact, I’m liking the way this mom thinks! Christy says hands down “Overnight at a hotel! No baby monitor, sleeping in, brunch, peeing in peace…’s nice to have 24 hours to recharge.” 


Can I add in a completely clean house when I get home too??

#2 Give the Gift of a Break!

My favorite thing would be a break from all of the unpleasant mom jobs…a day of no cleaning (but others clean so it’s not waiting for me the next day), no dealing with fighting kids or screaming babies, no cooking meals but having yummy, nutritious food made by someone else, etc

And the Number One Mother’s Day Gift Idea is…(drumroll please!!)

The number one response from mom’s in the Hampton Roads area for Mother’s Day gift ideas would be a day at the spa.  Where I can leave all of my daily stresses behind me, relax  and be pampered.  There are so many great spas in the area, here are just a few!

In Norfolk:

In VA Beach place is pretty amazing)

In Chesapeake


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