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how to take pictures of christmas lights

Taking Pictures of Christmas Lights

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Tips for Taking Photographs with Christmas Lights Christmas is nearly here!  Soon all of the decorations will be up. Christmas music will be played on every station, and the spirit of Christmas will be in the air!   I’ve put together my top tips for taking pictures of Christmas lights, whether you are out and about, […]

blog post image is your business violating copyright law

Copyright and Business


Is your business unknowingly violating copyright law? Do you own a small business? Do you create your own content for that business? Then this post is for you. A good friend of mine recently posted a picture on her business Facebook and Instagram pages and the unthinkable happened. Less than two weeks after posting, a […]

Class of 2021 - An Open Letter

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An Open Letter to the Class of 2021 “Intelligence plus Character.   That is the goal of true education” – Martin Luther King Jr.     There is no script for what this year is going to look like for you, Class of 2021. Will things ever go back to the normal you were used […]


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Collection of photographs taken in the Grassfield area of Chesapeake, VA    

Great Bridge Lock Park

Birthday, Chesapeake, Family Photography, Maternity, Outdoor, Seniors, Seniors

Great Bridge Lock Park is a hidden Gem in Chesapeake.  Located along the Intracoastal water way, it is where the fresh water of the Albemarle Canal meets the salt water from the South Branch of the Elizabeth River. Great Bridge Lock Park is named for the Lock run by US Army Corps of Engineers.  The […]

fall family photos Chesapeake layered looks

Chesapeake Arboretum

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Chesapeake Arboretum is one of my favorite locations to work. The farmhouse is from the 18th century and is now a nature education center focusing on how to live greener.  There are over 3 miles of easy walking trails, 8 different bridges, a picnic area and manicured gardens to wonder through.  They even have a […]

Camera lens Christmas present, tips for getting started with camera

Your New Camera - What You Should Know

Camera Basics, Education

I have a camera, Now What?!   You have a nice fancy camera, you’ve pulled it out of the box and you are about to start snapping away!  You may or may not think to yourself, what kind of things should I know before I start using my camera.  Well, lucky for you friend, I’ve have […]

Little girl in sailor dress hugging daddys leg at maternity and family photography session Norfolk VA, Maternity Photos in Norfolk, VA

Maternity Photos in Norfolk, Virginia

Family Photography, Maternity

Maternity Photos in Norfolk, Virginia My phone rang early that morning.   Thinking it was a call from my nieces, as the number came from the same area code.   I was surprised when the voice on the other end was Jack, asking about maternity photos in Norfolk. Now, to be fair, he was actually calling for […]

Photographer at wirk

I Haven’t Always Been A Photographer


I haven’t always been a photographer.  FALSE.  I have always been a photographer.  Just not a professional.   I’ve always been the one with a camera.  Whether it was a tiny little digital or a disposable film camera, I always wanted to take pictures of whatever adventure I was on! My interest in photography stems […]

What Do Photographers Do During Quarantine


As a photographer, this whole quarantine business is seriously cramping my creative outlet. I have been doing everything I can to keep myself busy.  Talking to a friend, I told her how busy I have been.  She asked me, “so, what do photographers do during quarantine?”  Are they allowed to still work if they stay […]

photography business

What I wish I knew when starting a photography business

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What I wish I knew when starting a photography business When I went into business almost 5 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have always loved photography. When I was younger, I was always the one with the camera.  I loved going into Costco and picking up my […]