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If this is your first time here, it's really nice to meet you! I will start right off let you in on a little secret. Writing terrifies me? I think I just get afraid of putting my thoughts out there for the world to read. I've read so many blogs that I get a bit intimidated. I never intended to start a blog, furthermore, I am still not sure anyone actually reads it! LOL!

That all being said, I have so much great information running through my head on a day to day basis. I figure this would be the best way to get it out to the world. Most importantly, to YOU! I guess what I want to accomplish with my blog is to provide you with information related to taking pictures, learning about your camera, composition, safety, and anything else related to photography! Hopefully, you will find the information I put up on here useful to you!

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Hey there!  I'm Meredith Hodge.  I'm a Family Photographer and Educator in Hampton Roads, Virginia who also specializes in teaching people how their cameras actually work so they can use them to take beautiful pictures.


Maternity Photos in Norfolk, Virginia My phone rang early that morning.   Thinking it was a call from my nieces, as the number came from the same area code.   I was surprised when the voice on the other end was Jack, asking about maternity photos in Norfolk. Now, to be fair, he was actually calling for […]

I haven’t always been a photographer.  FALSE.  I have always been a photographer.  Just not a professional.   I’ve always been the one with a camera.  Whether it was a tiny little digital or a disposable film camera, I always wanted to take pictures of whatever adventure I was on! My interest in photography stems […]

Photographer at wirk

As a photographer, this whole quarantine business is seriously cramping my creative outlet. I have been doing everything I can to keep myself busy.  Talking to a friend, I told her how busy I have been.  She asked me, “so, what do photographers do during quarantine?”  Are they allowed to still work if they stay […]

What I wish I knew when starting a photography business When I went into business almost 5 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into.  I have always loved photography. When I was younger, I was always the one with the camera.  I loved going into Costco and picking up my […]

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  Do you know how to calibrate your lens? Did you actually calibrating is something you should be doing with your camera often?  Calibrating your lenses is absolutely essential to your photography and is easy to do. Lenses have a number of delicate glass pieces to them.  During shipping and after a bit of use, […]

]Top 5 Tips for Photography with Christmas Trees Christmas is nearly here!  Soon all of the decorations will be up. Christmas music will be played on every station, and the spirit of Christmas will be in the air!   Today I’ve put together my top tips for taking Christmas pictures in front of the tree. […]

Christmas picture ideas for kids

I’m Loving That Fall Glow!   There is Something So Magical About the Fall 🍂 The changes that Fall brings to the landscape is simply breathtaking. In the fall you get that ambient light that is so highly sought in quality photography.  Fall also brings overall cooler temperatures  so we can both be more comfortable […]

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Taking your photos from Great to Spectacular through Color Schemes Clients often seek advice on what to wear once they book their session.  I say, picking a color scheme is the best place to start when deciding what to wear for your family photos.  Keeping your family’s style in mind is key to choosing your […]

Are You Lost When it Comes to Picking out What to Wear for your Family Pictures? Congratulations!  You’ve found your perfect photographer, and are ready to start planning your photo session! Now you can begin to search for the perfect outfit for you and your family.  Pinterest is calling out to give you inspiration. No […]

what to wear for family portraits

As a photographer, I often have clients or other photographers ask what kind of kit do I keep in my camera bag.  I’ve finally decided to open up the bag and give you a look inside! What You Will Find In My Camera Bag There Are Usually Two Cameras I’ve owned several DSLR cameras between […]

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